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AvrSide is keyboard oriented. There's no toolbars, buttons, icons etc. Commands are mostly available from menu level or with keyboard shortcuts. Here's a current shortcuts list :

Project navigation

 F5 / ALT + <-   Show previous editor page 
 F6 / ALT + ->   Show next editor page 
 CTRL + G   Connect / unconnect to group 
 CTRL + F5 / ALT + SHIFT + <-   Show previous page in group 
 CTRL + F6 / ALT + SHIFT + ->   Show next page in group 
 SHIFT + F6   Switch between source and it's header 
 CTRL + . / CTRL + RIGHT CLICK   Open project context menu 
 F3   Open / change file on current tab 
 CTRL + S   Save file  
 CTRL + F2   Save file with new name 
 CTRL + F4   Close file on the tab 
 CTRL + TAB   Open file list window 
 CTRL + SHIFT + P  Switch between last two projects


 CTRL + SHIFT + N   Normal selection mode 
 CTRL + SHIFT + L   Row selection mode 
 CTRL + SHIFT + C   Column selection mode 
 CTRL + Y   Remove current line 
 CTRL + SHIFT + Y   Remove to the end of line 
 CTRL + SHIFT + B   Jump to mirror bracket 
 CTRL + SHIFT + I   Indent selected block 
 CTRL + SHIFT + U   Unindent selected block 
 CTRL + F   Search in current file 
 CTRL + R   Search and replace in current file 
 CTRL + ALT + F   Search in whole project 
 CTRL + ALT + R   Search and replace in whole project 
 CTRL + ALT + H   Show list of previous searchings 
 SHIFT + F1   Search in whole project a word under caret 
 CTRL + INSERT   Copy selected block into clipboard 
 SHIFT + DEL   Cut selected block into clipboard 
 SHIFT + INSERT   Insert block from clipboard 
 CTRL + SHIFT + INSERT   Copy current line into buffer 
 CTRL + ALT + INSERT   Insert line from buffer 
 DOUBLE LEFT CLICK   Select current word 
 CTRL + , / RIGHT CLICK   Open editor context menu 
 CTRL + UP/DOWN ARROW   Scrolling text on current tab 
 CTRL + <-/->   Jump to previous / next word 

Developing support

 F4   Show error list window 
 F7   Show asm preview for relocatable file 
 CTRL + F7   Show asm preview for whole project 
 LEFT CLICK   Go to an appropriate line in asm preview
 F8   Show project symbols window 
 CTRL + K   Add selected word to keywords list 
 F1   Show symbol declaration 
 CTRL + SHIFT + 0-9   Set / clear bookmark on current tab 
 CTRL + 0-9   Jump to bookmark on current tab 
 CTRL + ALT + B   List all bookmarks in project 
 CTRL + T   Insert TODO mark into code 
 CTRL + ALT + T   List all TODO marks in project  
 CTRL + \   Comment selected block 
 CTRL + SHIFT + \   Uncomment selected block 
 CTRL + J   Open code templates box 
 CTRL + L   Open avr-libc functions box 


 CTRL + F9   Compile single current file  
 F9   Make operation
 CTRL + SHIFT + F9   Build operation 
 F12   Send output code to programmer 
 F11  Show AvrStudio 4 window